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 Medical Staff Library

 Phone: (201) 833-3395

 Fax: (201) 530-7919

 Email: hnhlibrary@gmail.com


    • Nurses: 24/7
    •  Physicians: 24/7
    •  Hospital Employees: 24/7
    •  Allied Health Students: 24/7

School of Nursing Library

Phone: (201) 833-3015

Fax: (201) 833-3006

Email: hnhlibrary@gmail.com


  • HNMC Students: 24/7
  • HNMC Faculty: 24/7
  • Hospital Employees: CLOSED



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At Holy Name Medical Center, put your health first: you can become an active participant in enhancing your healthy lifestyle. We can help you gain information about various diseases, treatments, surgical procedures, prescription drugs and health risks. This is a FREE service for the Holy Name Community.   All you have to do contact the library and the staff will send you reputable information that will increase your knowledge and complete the puzzle of the medical world.