Holy Name Medical Center Libaries

Medical, School of Nursing & Consumer

Nursing Student Library


  1.  Please speak softly in the Library. 
  2.  Students must wear Holy Name ID badge at all times, including to sign-out materials.  Students not wearing an ID may be asked to leave the library.
  3. Students are not permitted to have food or beverages in the library. 
  4. Use of the copier to make photocopies of copyrighted materials should be limited to one or two chapters or one page of notes needed for study.  Reproductions of more than forty pages are prohibited. 
  5. The student, in pen, must legibly sign all materials out using the sign-out card.  Please write the date and your name on the card.
  6. The online public access catalog is well maintained and should be consulted prior to consulting with the library staff to do a literature search. 
  7. Students should form an orderly line and wait their turn before seeking assistance from the staff. 
  8. When using the computers, please close any open windows before leaving the computer. 
  9. Do not use ANY personal CD-ROMs on the computers.  We have a limited amount of free disk space on the computers.  
  10.  Do not use cell phones in the library as it will disturb other students. 
  11. The computers are ONLY for school of nursing students, faculty, and staff!