Holy Name Medical Center Libaries

Medical, School of Nursing & Consumer



The Libraries support the goals and strategic directions of the hospital and School of Nursing by providing information resources and services. The mission of the libraries is to provide authoritative, evidence-based literature to the medical staff and allied health personnel  for the primary purpose of improving patient care. Our aim is excellence in patient care and in developing information services that meet the needs of our patients, their families and friends. The goal of the library is to provide quality, knowledge-based information in an accurate, timely, and cost-effective way to our customers, both internal and external to the organization. We recognize that access to up-to-date patient care information is essential for informed clinical and management decision-making. Guided by our professional library and information principles, we will continuously improve to meet the expectations of customers while incorporating changes in information technology.  To support this mission, the libraries will:

  • Be recognized as providing comprehensive, efficient, and innovative library and information services to its customers.
  • Be known throughout the organization and the library community as a leader in the application of information technologies and strategies to access knowledge-based resources.
  • Be staffed by individuals who are continually improving systems and services to library customers by anticipating and exceeding their needs.
  • Provide a technologically advanced information environment to meet the changing information needs of the organization.
  • Be a strong and committed participant in the development and implementation of a comprehensive, organization-wide information management plan.



Bergen-Passaic Health Sciences Libraries

Freeshare (Free Reciprocal Interlibrary Loan Group)

Health Sciences Library Association ofNew Jersey

Medical Library Association including

-          Hospital Library Section

-          Nursing and Allied Health Resource Section

-          Consumer and Patient Health Information Section

National Library of Medicine DOCLINE system

National Network of Libraries of Medicine

New York/NewJerseyChapter of MLA